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Q&A with Chet Dudzik, JetWay President and Founder

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JetWay Hub Monday August 16, 2021 - Your World of Private Aviation.

JetWay President and Founder Chet Dudzik sits down to answer a few frequently asked questions.

How is JetWay different than other private aviation companies?

Chet: That’s a great question and an important topic for people to understand. In today’s market many companies are packaging their products, whether they be “fractionals” or “cards”, as a “one size fits all”.  But the fact is every trip is different.  As you know, some trips are best suited to the smaller cabin “light” jets, some to “mid-size” jets and others to the largest cabin “heavy jets”.  Fractional and jet card programs are extremely inefficient and wasteful with their high hourly rates, excessive fuel surcharges (that cover trips that the client isn’t even on), “peak period” booking restrictions, and penalties (such as “interchange” charges that can run upwards of 20%). Almost every private jet trip is best better suited for an “on demand charter” solution – which is what JetWay provides.  And the fact is that fractional card companies send their clients “charter” aircraft all of the time when they oversell their fleet, but if they save money on that plane they don’t pass along the savings to their clients.  At JetWay we try to save money for our clients when we can. Our ultimate goal is simple: to find you the most cost effective means for you to complete your travel while maintaining the highest levels of flight safety and personal attention.

Do you own your own aircraft?

Chet: We do not by design. At JetWay we do not maintain a fleet of aircraft, but rather, act as an independent broker for our clients in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. This allows us to be our clients advocate and carefully select the best aircraft for their specific needs from a large universe of preferred charter operators with an extensive fleet of aircraft that meet our exact standards of safety and service.

What is your hourly pricing?

Chet: As part of our business model we do not publish hourly prices on each aircraft category. The reason is simply to benefit our clients. We price every itinerary on a trip by trip basis with the goal of passing along all cost savings to our clients, since prices do fluctuate in our market. In a nutshell, we will be less expensive than the larger programs 99% of the time during all market conditions!  And our clients not only benefit from our lower hourly pricing, but remember, they don’t have to pay a large upfront deposit or sign any long-term contract to take advantage of our lower pricing. So we like to think that our clients can have their cake and eat it too!

How do I know the aircraft I am chartering with you is safe?

Chet: Our clients safety is paramount and the foundation of everything JetWay does. I am a 35 year pilot and started JetWay with safety as our #1 priority. I understand safety more than most aviation executives with MBAs, but absolutely no aviation background. We employ the highest safety standards in our industry with an unblemished safety record. The crews we retain, some of the most experienced in aviation, receive recurrent training at Flight Safety International, the world’s leading aviation school, and the aircraft we engage are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Also, before every JetWay trip we produce a comprehensive ARGUS TripCHEQ or Wyvern PASS Report on the assigned crew members and aircraft tail number. When it comes to safety, you can rest assured that we never compromise.

Are there any additional costs beyond the quoted amount?

Chet: Our clients love the fact that JetWay prices are “all-in”, meaning our clients pay one price for us to deliver them to their destination. Unlike other companies we don’t send invoices after each trip for annoying items like fuel surcharges or additional flight time. No surprises! The only additional expense that might apply would be for winter weather related charges, including de-icing and aircraft hangaring since we have yet to conquer Mother Nature! Also, as part of our service at JetWay, we can also arrange for non-aviation services that you may need, like ground transportation and premium catering. And to further benefit our clients we don’t mark up any of these ancillary services.