JetWay Success Story: JetWay Airlifts VIPs from Haiti With COVID-19 Threat Looming!

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JetWay Hub Monday March 23, 2020 - Your World of Private Aviation.

Same day airlift demonstrates JetWay service and responsiveness.

This past Friday a new JetWay client called with an urgent request: remove his corporate executives along with the United States VIPs from Haiti as soon as possible since the island had reported their first COVID-19 case and the airport was closing that day. The JetWay team quickly presented our new client a spectacular Falcon 900B heavy jet option that he accepted. His team and US personnel landed later that VERY SAME Friday in Florida, safe and sound and in complete privacy, comfort, and security! An amazing display of professionalism and service by JetWay and our Falcon partner!

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