How JetWay Compares: Savings

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JetWay Hub Saturday February 27, 2021 - Your World of Private Aviation.

We can help you save up to 60% over jet cards and fractional programs.

At JetWay you save up to 60% over the competition, on every trip! And JetWay clients can also benefit from:

  • NO upfront charges
  • NO fuel surcharges, and
  • NO obligations

…of any kind beyond the trip you are planning, along with an unblemished safety record, the industry’s highest levels of personalized service, and access to a global fleet of beautiful aircraft on a moment’s notice.

And jet cards and fractional programs are just too expensive and burdensome with their “hourly fuel surcharges”, “interchange” costs, and “taxi time” charges. Even after their promotions of “free hours” and reduced up-front deposits, you simply overpay.

Before you buy or renew a jet card or fractional program, we invite you to take a look at the math and see why “fractional”, “card”, and “charter” clients are switching to JetWay!

Contact JetWay today at 866-809-2198 or and allow us to quote your next trip.