JetWay Success Story: Kind Words From a Dear Client

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JetWay Hub Monday April 13, 2020 - Your World of Private Aviation.

Before you fly again, find out why our clients love JetWay.

The following expression of graciousness from a valued client has touched us all at JetWay during these difficult times:

“Not Once, Not Twice or Three Times…But Every Time…JetWay Comes Through”

“A couple of decades ago when my role in venture capital and private equity had me working with companies all around the U.S…I bought shares in a couple of light jets through two fractional ownership companies. Once I learned the ropes of flying private, I smartened up. I stopped tying up big chunks of capital for heavy up-front payments, and got away from seemingly endless surcharges, blackout dates, and constantly rising maintenance fees.

I found Chet Dudzik and his team at JetWay. With JetWay I enjoy the same – often better, more personalized – service, and more flexibility for a lower TCF (total cost per flight)…

Since retiring some years ago, I don’t fly private much, two or three times a year, and some years not at all, so i’m not much of a revenue generator for JetWay or it’s operators. No matter, though. Whether it’s a trip planned well in advance to an out-of-the-way part of Wyoming, a late night text to ask for a next day flight to deal with the disruption and risks from a pandemic, or a frantic mid-morning call from a crowded airport in the midst of a snow storm to get a flight in the next few hours so my daughter can get to her competition, Chet and his team make it happen.

There are lots of fly-private options in the market now: fractional ownership, bulk hour cards, shared flights, ad hoc charters, and more. Many of them may be fine choices. Twenty years of flight private has taught me this, though: You can’t do better than JetWay for the safety, service, flexibility, and TCF. And…the JetWay team are awfully nice folks.”