At JetWay There’s No Need to Buy Hours in Advance!

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JetWay Hub Friday May 01, 2020 - Your World of Private Aviation.

It's hard to predict the future, and with JetWay you don't have to.

Whether due to the COVID-19 pandemic or a number of other life events, it’s hard to predict the future! So why purchase hours in advance at a fractional or jet card company that you may never need? Especially when you can get guaranteed availability at JetWay with savings of up to 60% over the competition and with:

  • No upfront deposits
  • No fuel surcharges
  • No obligations

…of any kind beyond the trip you are planning, and with optimal safety, and personalized service.

And if you need advice on how to exit your fractional share or jet card give us a call, we know the industry like no others!

Whenever you need to fly, either on short notice or with advance notice, contact JetWay at 866-809-2198 or and allow us to quote your trip. References available upon request.