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What does JetWay do?

JetWay provides customized private aviation services to individuals, business executives, and other global travelers. We focus on customer service and client safety while providing substantial financial savings over companies that offer fractional jet ownership or jet time-card programs alone. Strategically we do not maintain our own fleet of airplanes in order to remain an independent advocate that represent the best interests of our clients. Our customized private aviation solutions target a perfect marriage between our clients’ needs and the planes in which they fly. Our ultimate goal is simple: to find you the most cost effective means for you to complete your travel while maintaining the highest levels of flight safety and personal attention.

JetWay is an independent provider of private transportation services and, as such, we strategically choose not to own or manage any aircraft directly. It is this independence that allows us to get multiple quotes for each of our client trips and play each vendor off each other to get the best pricing on each trip and pass the savings along to our clients. It also allows us to get you the best value on each one of your flights.

Am I overpaying with my current private jet company?

You are likely wasting thousands and thousands of your hard-earned dollars every year if you do the following:
Just fly in “jets” (since using turbo-props from time to time for your shorter trips is cost effective), or
Just use your “fractional share” for all of your trips (again, since all of your trips with very few exceptions are better suited for “on demand charter”).

What are the advantages to flying with JetWay over other companies?

What’s happening in the market today is that companies are packaging their products, whether they be “fractional” or “card”, as a “one size fits all”. But the fact is every trip is different. As you know, some trips are best suited to “light” jets, some to “mid-size” jets and others to “heavy jets”. Jet cards are extremely inefficient and wasteful with their high hourly rates, excessive fuel surcharges (that cover trips that the client isn’t even on), “peak period” booking restrictions, and penalties (such as “interchange” charges that can run upwards of 20%). Almost every private jet trip is best better suited for an “on demand charter” solution. And the fact is that fractional card companies send their clients “charter” aircraft all of the time (in their contracts these companies reserve the right to send a charter plane that’s “comparable” to the one requested) but if they save money on that plane they don’t pass along the savings to their client. At JetWay we try to save you money for our clients when we can.

How does JetWay ensure the safety of its passengers?

At JetWay, your safety is paramount and is the foundation of everything we do. We are led by a management team with more aviation experience than most of the larger programs and we employ safety standards that are the industry’s highest and have a safety record that is unblemished.

Our assigned crews, some of the most experienced in the industry, receive consistent recurrent training at Flight Safety International, the world’s leading aviation school, and your aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment. Also, before every one of your JetWay trips we produce a comprehensive ARGUS TripCHEQ Report or Wyvern PASS Report on your assigned crew members and tail number. When it comes to safety you can rest assured that we never compromise.

Additional information on JetWay safety:

1. Maintenance and safety records: All JetWay preferred charter operators (hereinafter “operators”), the very same operators that are both used by the large programs, and maintain ARGUS Gold, Wyvern PASS, or higher ratings, keep comprehensive maintenance and safety records that are required by the FAA and DOT and available upon request. All of our operators perform both FAA approved and certified in-house maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled, and use factory authorized outside maintenance personnel when circumstances warrant (the very same practice as the large programs). These maintenance personnel receive all necessary initial and recurrent training directly from the manufacturers and also at independent training companies, including Flight Safety International.

2. Who are the pilots? Pilots employed by our operators, the very same operators that are both used by the large programs, and maintain ARGUS Gold, Wyvern PASS, or higher ratings, are very, very experienced and qualified, many of them ex-military and commercial pilots. And almost every pilot in the private jet industry, charter or fractional/time card (including Delta), receives training at the very same company: Flight Safety International. Consequently, the training of private jet pilots is universal and it is no surprise that the safety record of our operators is equal or better than the larger programs.

What aircraft can I choose from?

JetWay provides access to an extensive network of charter aircraft, including light, mid-size and heavy jets. Executive airliners, turbo-prop and piston-prop aircraft are also available. JetWay’s aircraft are always piloted by two certified crew members, have enclosed lavatories, and are maintained beautifully, with both interior and exterior upgrades of all planes on an as-needed basis.

Are there any additional costs beyond the quoted amount?

JetWay quotes are all inclusive. There are no additional costs for items like waiting time, landing fees, daily minimums, or fuel surcharges.

The only possible additional costs to you are weather related, specifically de-icing charges or hangaring charges as a result of snow and/or ice.

How do I book a flight?

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