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Frugal Flying for the Well Healed

In today’s economy, luxuries are frequently the first on the budget chopping block for both businesses and families. Fewer client lunches on the company expense account and Mom’s meatloaf instead of takeout have become par for the course. The recession has not just altered our eating habits, but our leisure activities as well. Vacation plans have changed; families now opt for closer attractions instead of exotic locales, or avoid gas prices by staying home for the holidays in lieu of visiting relatives.

For the most fortunate travelers who have had to trim the fat, their cutbacks have put an end to flying privately. With lighter wallets and dwindling savings accounts, the luxuries of avoiding the long lines, delays and inconvenient schedules no longer justify the significantly larger price tag. With the exception of first class or business class upgrades, no intermediary option between private and commercial flying exists. Travelers who cannot afford to spend private prices have no other choice but to wait to check their bags, take their shoes off at the metal detector, and leave their valuable time vulnerable to delays or cancelations.

Those who still can pay to fly privately are at the mercy of the steep prices and imprisoning contracts set by the industry’s giants. Chet Dudzik Jr., Founder and President of JetWay Private Air, saw the inefficiencies between private and commercial flying and did something about it. JetWay is a full service aviation solutions company that offers private flights from 20% to 40% less than competitive “card” and “fractional” programs, yet it uses the same jets and same pilots with the industry’s highest safety standards. How? JetWay capitalizes on the experience gained from Dudzik’s 25 years as a pilot and flying privately, resulting in low overhead, employing strong negotiating skills and a focus on long-term client relationships. JetWay accesses their expansive list of FAA approved charter operators to locate an available jet and crew – the same jets and pilots used by the major names in the industry – and customizes each trip to cater to every client’s specific requests.

JetWay customers avoid the unfortunate norms of private air businesses, like membership fees, inefficient jet cards with high hourly rates, fuel surcharges, booking restrictions and penalties. Because JetWay works on a trip-by-trip basis, customers can steer clear of the long-term commitments that are the standard with other private jet companies. The special attention Dudzik and his staff pay to each individual trip affords them the opportunity to search for the best deal and pass the discount on to their clients.

The savings speak for themselves. When flying privately with a competitive “card” and “fractional” program, a one-way trip between New York and Boca Raton on a mid-size jet, which can comfortably seat eight passengers in a stand-up cabin, runs from $20,000 to $28,000. The same trip on a comparable mid-size jet with the same pilots costs a JetWay customer approximately $15,000, a savings of between 25-45%. If a New York traveler used JetWay instead of one of the major private jet providers for both legs of a Florida vacation, they could save up to $26,000, or much more.

More of a skier than a beach bum? JetWay’s $39,900 price tag on a one-way trip on a mid-size jet between New York and Aspen is 25%-33% less than the competitive “card” and “fractional” program price range of $53,280-$60,700.

Savings are even more dramatic for JetWay clients on a smaller “light” jet, which offers comfortable seating for up to 7 passengers. JetWay generates savings of up to 44% ($18,000 compared to $33,300) on one-way trips between New York and Boca Raton and up to 43% ($31,000 compared to $54,400) on one-way trips between New York and Aspen. Business travelers heading between New York and Chicago can save their companies $10,000 to $18,000 on a light or mid-size jet roundtrip. With the economic environment the way it is, it is almost a crime not to pounce on these opportunities.

By eliminating the inefficiencies and markups in the private jet industry, JetWay can afford to regularly offer prices well below the big-name competition. As JetWay’s satisfied customers will testify, you truly can always have your cake and eat it too, even in a recession