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Marketing Myths in the Private Aviation Industry

Marketing Myth #1: Aircraft Age Matters: The larger fractional and time card companies (hereinafter “other companies”) want you to believe that the age of the aircraft matters for reasons such as safety and comfort, implying that an older aircraft is less safe and less appealing. The reality, however, is that a plane’s safety is not determined solely by age, but by many other factors including its maintenance history. A well-maintained older aircraft of any age can be much safer than a newer aircraft that is over flown and poorly maintained. Older aircraft are refurbished consistently to look new.

Marketing Myth #2: Fractional and Time Card Companies Use Only Newer Planes: Other companies want you to believe that they only use newer planes. However, these companies put their clients on older planes all of the time. For example, the NetJets “Charter Vendor Standards” document clearly states that charter aircraft used to fly their clients (and Marquis Jet) can be up to ”25 years of age”.

Marketing Myth #3: Fractional and Time Card Companies Use Only Their Planes: Although other companies will never commit to flying their clients exclusively on their fleet, they have done an excellent job of making you believe it. The New York Times recently highlighted the comfort that NetJets, for one, has in charter aircraft: “The Marquis customer base offered a new source of income for NetJets, but in 2005, at least, it also meant operational headaches, because it placed greater demand on the same number of planes. Mr. Santulli [of NetJets] said he spent $200 million last year chartering extra jets to meet increased demand from existing customers and Marquis Jet members.” NetJets and others understand that charter aircraft are both safe and generate substantial savings for the discerning jet traveler.

Marketing Myth #4: Fractional and Time Card Companies Have Better Pilots: Other companies would have you believe that their pilots are better than charter pilots because they have more experience (“total hours flown”) and are specialized (flying only one plane “type”). However, the facts suggest otherwise as these pilots are virtually interchangeable regarding both experience and type ratings. And almost every pilot in the private jet industry, charter or fractional/time card, receives training at the very same company: Flight Safety International.

Marketing Myth #5: Fractional and Time Card Companies Planes are Safer: Other companies suggest that their “newer” planes and “type dedicated” pilots create a safer flying experience. This is simply not supported by the statistics. There is no statistical data to suggest there is a safety difference between fractional, time-card and chartered private jets.

Marketing Myth #6: Fractional and Time Card Companies Use Higher Safety Standards: Other companies claim that they have higher safety standards, which makes flying with them safer than flying on a chartered flight. The reality, however, is that these companies rely heavily on the data of one independent safety audit company called Aviation Research Group/US, Inc. (ARG/US), the same data that the charter industry relies upon. By their own admission, these companies use the same standards as the rest of the industry or do not use them at all! Further, a closer look reveals that the operators in the charter industry and the planes that they fly receive numerous safety evaluations since every fractional company is accessing this same “pool” of charter aircraft and employing their own independent audits! Given this redundant evaluation and oversight of these operators by all of the large aviation industry players, it can be strongly argued that the charter environment is not unsafe at all but rather the safest environment in aviation today. In fact, statistics support this conclusion.

JetWay Featured as Fantasy Gift in Neiman Marcus 2011 Christmas Book!

Round up nine friends and head to E urope’s most celebrated flower shows, organized by the exclusive private jet-chartering company, JetWay Private Air. Your journey begins May 12, 2012, where you’ll hop across the pond in first-class style on a Gulfstream G-IV—with a JetWay representative as your group’s guide, concierge, and wine aficionado.

Your tour will begin in Merges, Switzerland, at The Tulip Festival, where Lake Geneva provides a sparkling backdrop to 300 varieties of some 100,000 tulips. Later, rest and relax in luxury at the Hotel Lausanne Palace & Spa. Next, you’ll fly to Athens, Greece, home of the Kifissia Flower Show, a lavish display of more than 2,000 native and foreign plant species. After a lovely promenade, enjoy superior accommodations at Hotel Grand Bretagne. Your next stop: Avignon, France, where the Altera Rosa Festival awaits. The garden boasts an extensive collection of established rose breeds, which comingle with 30 new species introduced each year. Afterward, head to the Hotel d’Europe Avignon.

Finally, you’ll visit London, England’s renowned Chelsea Flower Show, site of The Daily Telegraph Garden. Later that night, you’ll bask in the beauty of the historic Goring Hotel. This package includes two nights and three days at each destination, gourmet in-flight meals, private ground transportation, and flower show tickets. With the purchase of this excursion, Neiman Marcus will donate $5,000 to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, an organization devoted to increasing the sustainable use and conservation of native wildflowers, plants, and landscapes.

The Benefits of Engaging JetWay vs. Other Companies

There are very good reasons why you want to engage JetWay to manage all of your private travel including:

  1. ENHANCED SAFETY: At JetWay, your safety is paramount and is the foundation of everythingwe do. Led by a management team with more aviation experience than most of the larger programs, JetWay employs the highest safety standards in our industry with an unblemished safety record. Our crews, some of the most experienced in aviation, receive recurrent training at Flight Safety International, the world’s leading aviation school, and your aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment. Also, before every one of your JetWay trips we produce a comprehensive ARGUS TripCHEQ Report on your assigned crew members and tail number. When it comes to safety you can rest assured that we never compromise.
  2. SAVINGS: At JetWay we work tirelessly to get every quote available for each of your trips. We aggressively negotiate on your behalf to secure the best price on each trip from our pool of JetWay approved operators and we then pass those savings along to you. Working with other companies usually just produces one quote. The result is that you do not benefit from a comprehensive JetWay search and may, as a result, overpay.
  3. “RECOVERY” SERVICES: Timely and efficient “recoveries” from mechanicals or other deviations to a trip are a crucial benefit provided by JetWay. As we all know, airplanes are machines and last minute mechanicals that ground a plane can occur. As part of our standard operating procedures at JetWay, all available JetWay approved “recovery” aircraft that could be used are ready to “go” right up until the moment that your trip is completed. We are always ready to provide backup lift for you if needed. Most other companies do not spend the money and time to implement these same best practices. Many of them simply do not have the 24/7 staff to prepare for such instances. The result may be that you are left stranded at the airport and unreasonably delayed.
  4. NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST: At JetWay we do not maintain a fleet of aircraft by design, but rather, act as an independent broker to avoid any conflicts of interest. Our independence allows us to be your advocate and carefully select the best aircraft for your needs from a large universe of preferred charter operators with an extensive fleet of available aircraft in the marketplace that meet our exacting standards for safety and service. Other companies may be incentivized to select aircraft that they either own or manage for your trips because either they profit from a larger margin (if they own the plane) or they have committed to generate revenue for their client that owns the plane (if it’s a managed aircraft). Again, the result is that you do not benefit from a comprehensive JetWay search and may, as a result, overpay.